We create memorable experiences

You are looking for something extraordinary for your event, your wedding or your party? Feuersterne offers breathtaking fireshows and blacklight-shows. Our performances stand out - artistically as well as choreographically. And they will delight you and your guests visually and emotionally. In our shows, we combine visual projections on body and background, rhythmic gymnastics and pyrotechnic to reach one goal: to surprise and amaze you and your guests and to create a memorable experience for every one present.




Blacklight makes staffs, balls, umbrellas and even bodies part of the performance. Utter darkness and vivid colors create a world of its own. The line between the possible and the impossible starts to vanish, as bodies and tools seem to defy gravity. This show will make your event shine even brighter.


Bianca Mayer, Untervisnitz 7, 4224 Wartberg ob der Aist
+43 650 2206782

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